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Technical Information - Hints And Tips.

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4.1 Items


Front Suspension;


Rear Suspension;




Wiring Diagrams;


General Maintenance;




Centre (3rd) Diff;


Charging System;


Replace 5th gear - see 4.2 section


4.2 Items

Renew wiper rubbers anchorman

Cabin Filter anchorman

Fitting A Battery Uncle Bob

Front brake pads and discs - Part 1anchorman

Front brake pads and discs - Part 2anchorman

D4d Scv Valve Replacement RupertRAV4

Removing Front Bumper Assy Hoovie

Adjust Handbrake anchorman

4.2 Jacking Points shcm

Flush Mount Rear Camera Install Hoovie

Install Rear Net/Dog Guard Chatman

Change transmission Oil Anchorman

Link to "how to change fuel filter" thread Anchorman

Change timing belt - 1CD-FTV diesel Anchorman

Link to post showing how to fit rear discs and parking brake shoes (Post No 11) Anchorman

How to clean the 4.2 EGR on a D4D engine Sensei

Fit universal PDC kit Joylove

Link to - How to fit an extended back door check strap on a 4.2 Sniper 9652

Replace 5th gear - applicable to 4.1s Various inc R4W - see text

Dual Mass Flywheels anchorman


4.3 Items

2AD Engine Issue

Charlie Farlie's guide to the 2AD engine and it's issues Charlie Farlie

Misc 4.3 Items

Fit rear shock absorber shcm

Fit photochromic mirror anchorman

Upgrade Horns anchorman

Fit 90 degree check strap anchorman

Fit additional boot lighting anchorman

Fix rattling door mirrors anchorman

Cabin (pollen) filter renewal anchorman

(Part 1) Rear View Camera Installation - PART 1(For rear door with no spare wheel) JHRC's XT5 and Darkside's T180 Installation

(Part 2) Rear View Camera Installation - PART 2(For rear door with no spare wheel) JHRC's XT5 and Darkside's T180 Installation

Easy Fit Cordless Reversing Camera And Screen. dave.m

Ipod Interface anchorman

Ipod Interface on B9017 Head Unit Hoovie

Adjust Handbrake anchorman

Jacking Points shcm

Oil Change - 2.2 D4D anchorman

Change Key Battery (W/O Smart Entry) anchorman

Disable VSC/TRC for brake test at MOT. anchorman

Fit gas struts to hood/bonnet Junebug

Disable the VSC for MOT anchorman

Installing the Parrot MKi9100 bluetooth/Ipod/Aux/USB interface James..

Clean EGR Valve Rick D4D

Fit bluetooth Mic discreetly Sooty Torques

Add Glovebox Illumination Davrav

Charlie Farlies guide to the BSR run flat system Charlie Farlie

Charlie Farlies guide to cutting the pink wire (disabling the TPMS warning light) Charlie Farlie

Fit Dashmount Cradle Hoovie

Rear brake overhaul Anchorman

Replace fuel filter Webleymk3

Change steering intermediate shaft Ancs

Transmission Oil change Ancs

Cruise control retro-fit Abraxas

Jolly Friar's guide to replacing the tailgate for one with a rear mounted spare wheel.


This is one of the most detailed and interesting tutorials we have ever had. It addresses one of the major complaints that many owners have with their Mk3 RAVs by replacing the much missed rear door mounted spare wheel. It is clear the Liz and her OH have gone to a great deal of trouble in both making the modification and creating such a detailed account. For that reason I have added another star (one each to Liz and her OH) to her profile and I know I echo the thoughts of many of our many members and casual readers by saying thank you for all your trouble. The browser doesn't allow so many photos so I've had to list them all seperately. Enjoy the read, Anchorman;

Chapter one

Chapter two

Chapter three

Chapter four

Chapter five


General/Misc items


Uploading A New Avatar Image chatman

Auto (ignition) Door Locking, This Procedure Worked. prince

Uploading Pictures Into Forum Topics, Adding Pictures to Topics... chatman

Clean Engine Bay anchorman

How to tint windows andyf3854

Charlie Farlie's guide to machine polishing Charlie Farlie

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