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Headlights Going Yellow

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I have tried Duraglit before now, but it just didn't seem to remove the yellow tarnish.

However, I thought I'd give the Autosol a go. Drat . . . . run out, but found some Betterware Miracle Metal polish and an old cotton tshirt.

I have just spent 10 mins on both headlights and WOW. Nice and clear again. I don't know how long it will last, but I don't mind doing it every few months if it gets them looking as good as this.

For those that are farmiliar with Autosol, the Miracle Metal polish from Betterware is runnier and I think a little less abrasive.


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I have used Brasso as well on my Honda, and then finished off with a couple of coats of normal wax to try and put some protection back on the lenses.

I found that using a polishing machine was much easier than going it by hand

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