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Help With Part No. Please

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Hi All,

I need some help with my steering issue and I'm suspecting Power Seering pump failure; basicall the steering is slightly harder than normal although fluids are topped up.

It has seized once a fortnight ago when i steered into a car park and suddenly it seemed as though the steering had 'locked' and it was amking all kinds of noises as though bits had snapped off underneath.... but all was ok after i manahged to steer it out of the car park and the problem mysteriously disappeared as soon as i rolled out. :S

I have a x Reg E11 Facelift 1.4 VVti and I was swondering if anyone could help me with the part number for the power-steering pump as i'm thinking of buying a used one off ebay for the job and see if it resolves the issue.

I am also going to change the drive belt along with it because I thinsk thatc ould do with a change (cracks in the 'tracks') :p

any help, info, advice appreciated gents.

I was going to put pics of the car up but after the bump I had during the snowstorms, it's take away the glory of it, only had the car 5 months :(

Thanks All

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