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Installation Of New Ac Compressor ?

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Hi there,

I recently bought a brand new AC compressor as my old one on my 04 D4D Avensis had gone rattly.

I would be installing it myself and would like to get a few pointers from people who have actually done it them-self.

1. Do I need to add "ND-oil 8" to the new compressor " 5SE12C" type, before installation or it is supposed to be included inside?

2. Ones I fit it, there would be obviously no refrigerant "HFC134a (R134a)" in the system left, so would I be able to drive around (providing i do not turn the AC on) until I get the AC filled up again?

3. What would be the easier way to pull out the old compressor, from the top or bottom? I guess it would be from the bottom but just in case I am wrong.

4. Is there anything I should watch out for when doing the job or maybe an instruction manual for installing to follow.


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Hi Kashbg, it's been some time since you first posted this, how did the ac compressor replacement go?

Do you have any tips for anyone intending to attempt it?

I replaced mine today and so my answers to your questions are:

1. Yes you do need to add Oil BEFORE you install the compressor. Replacement compressors can be supplied with or without Oil in the compressor. There is no clutch mechanism on the 5SE12C, so the ac compressor is always turning when the engine is on. The switch in the cabin controls a valve which either restricts or permits the flow of refrigerant in the ac system. An alternative method would be to install the new compressor without Oil or refrigerant and then fit a shorter auxillary belt to temporarily bypass the ac compressor. You can then safely drive the car to your nearest garage to get it topped up with the correct quantity of Oil and refrigerant. Of course, you would then have to swap the shorter aux belt to a longer belt in order for the ac system to work. This method is a bit long winded, but effective.

2. It would be safe to drive if there is Oil installed in the compressor. If not, then use a shorter belt to bypass the compressor. If you drive the car with a 5SE12C compressor (with no clutch mechanism) with no Oil; you will wreck the compressor. However, it is still recommended to have the refrigerant topped up as soon as you can in order to get to the conditions the compressor is designed to operate at as quickly as possible.

3. Definitely from the bottom on a 2AD-FTV 2.2 D4D diesel engine. Although much of the access for removing bolts etc is easier from the top.

4. You will almost certainly need to remove the coolant expansion tank and radiator fan assembly mounted on the back of the radiator. Do this very carefully as there is a small steel pipe at the bottom passenger side (right hand drive) corner of the assembly which can easily damage the radiator. Best to drain the coolant as a couple of the pipes in the radiator get in the way when removing/replacing the radiator fan assembly.

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