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2004 D4D Hesitation At Around 2250 Rpm

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Hi there as the title says, this seems to be happening only under hard acceleration and once it goes above 2500 rpm it's smooth as.

Now the car had a new turbo fitted in January by Toyota and I have also checked the Vsv, when I shook the Vsv it did not rattle but when you applied voltage it seemed to work and change the airflow direction of the valve. Also the car has 90k miles with full Toyota service history so would imagine the fuel filter would be fine.

Any help would be much appreciated

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Hey guys well I thought all was sorted, I changed the fuel filter and the air filter cleaned the egr, and the maf and the car was running great, then a week past and the !Removed! thing has happened again!!!!

I have a used car warranty but I would like to be able to give them some pointers, the engine revs cleanly above 2500rpm so could it be the scv?


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Try cleaning your EGR again,but remove the vacuum/solenoid(3 allen key bolts,then remove the valve control spring held in place by a small removeable cap.this makes it easier to give the valve a proper clean with a thin stiff bristled brush/lots of carb cleaner,making sure the valve moves nice and freely and seats tightly when closed.Mine looked almost like new afterwards..Anchs explains how to take the whole thing apart in the 'how to clean your EGR'thread,but I didn't go that far.

PS you don't have to remove the pipe at the cylinder head,just loosen off the 2 bolts,then when you remove the 2 nuts at the valve its designed to just lift off and swing away from the valve which saves you losing the gasket/bolts into your undertray.

Do you mean VSC(vehicle stability control)?

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