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Lpg On 2005 1.4Vvti Corolla


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hi all,

Thinking of getting LPG installed on my 1.4vvti 2005 Corolla, this one burns absolutely no oil ~80k miles on the clock.

However looking online I see some say that these engines aren't suitable for LPG conversion, premature valve wear

I went to visit a local insataller who say no problem whatsoever, nor will you needflash lube all in €1099

So is there anyone on here running a Corolla for say 100k miles using LPG that can comment on this or anyone with any good info to share on dos and don'ts of LPG conversion

Installing a flashlube system would help valve wear I guess

are the valves on an avensis pretty much the same? Im thinking if valves are the same and if it works ok on an avensis then it should work ok on my Corolla

local man was talking about installing a Zenit system, he showed me a ford picnic he had and it looked a nice neat job to be fair.

all feedback welcome


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You missed out the most relevant detail, the miles you cover in a year.

If you had a new car and did a regular high mileage over 20k then a lpg conversion might be realistic if you travel around areas well served by refueling points.

To convert a relatively old high mileage car costing around 25% of the value of the car sounds like a very bad investment to me.

You should have the figure for the yearly cost of using petrol; what are the estimates for the cost using lpg?

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Capital cost €1099

Extra servicing €50 per annum

Currently petrol is €1.50 per litre

LPG=€0.81 per litre

On petrol I am getting about 40 miles per gallon = 5.88036458 litres per (100 k)

Doing 20k kilometers per year

=Thus I am using 1176litres of petrol per annum
=Total Cost of €1764

Fuel consumption will be about 10% more on LPG, from what I can gather

=Thus I will use 1293L gas

= Total Cost = €1047

Savings per year = €1764-€1047=€716

Savings over 5years or 100k assuming price difference stays approximately the same



Car currently has 120k on it thus in 5yrs should have 220k and if the conversion is a success engine should still have plenty life in it.

Im kind of into things like this anyway so it would be as much out of interest as anything I would do it, not going to bother if a failure after 20k miles though

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