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Strange Knocking

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hi i was driving home from work today when i suddenly noticed a strange knocking noise when ever i changed gear also a kind of rattling when idle does anyone have an idea what this could possibly be

many thanks in advance

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Bit hard to tell from your description, it could be the clutch or even gearbox failing as could the rattle when idling.

Does the rattle change/ stop when you press or release the clutch ?

You say a knock when changing gear, at what point exactly as you move the gear lever, release the clutch or when you press the throttle afterwards and accellerate away, which could be pinking ?

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The clunk sounds like it could be a worn suspension component like the bottom ball joint. Or possibly inner drive shaft joint.

A possible culprit for the rattling at idle is a loose exhaust heat shield making contact with the body or exhaust.

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