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Auris 2008 Windows Switch Diagram

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I just added to my auris an automatic windows closer that actives when I lock the car with the remote control.

I don't know if several models have this feature as a standard but however my model don't have it.

So I looked for some kind of guides in the internet and found noting, so I decided to do some studies and mapped all the wires in the main windows switch.

Now when I have all the data I thought it will be good idea to share it here with you.

I attached the document.


My car is a left hand driving side (Israel) so I hope it will be relevant for you.


Auris 2008 window switch

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have you succeeded in installing the module?. I bought the module but haven't got time to try but your picture will save me a lot of time thanks. if you have any more details and your willing to share i will relay appreciated.

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how have you wired the drive side with the module because in my instruction its telling me to cut the output of the switch. which one did you cut the

no 5.Normally (+), (-) trigger for up FL (Driver) window

or the

no 13.Normally (+), (-) trigger for up FL (Driver) window with AUTO mode

thanks for your replay.

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