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Low Idle & Juddering

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Bit of a strange one today

My SR had a bit of a hiccup today , only after i have driven about 33 miles out of the 66 miles that i was planned to cover. The engine seems to judder when it was idling. The RPM was really low , about 600 RPMs and every few secs the whole car juddered and the vibration went through the car. The car didnt stall , but it felt like it wanted to.

Only thing that i could have think of is either a spark plug went out mid drive , or i had a mis-firing cylinder.

The problem went away when I switched of the engine and restart like a minute after.

Very strange

Have been driving pretty hard the day before , ( Hitting 5.5K RPMs ) and high motorway speeds ,

and doing a lot of miles that day.

Also the drive today i was pushing it as well.

What does everyone else think ? Trip to the dealer or just take it as one of the things that happens randomly.

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Certainly sounds out of the ordinary for a 2012 car. As it is under warranty, I would take it to the dealers and see if it has logged any codes.

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i have my own ODB 2 reader , but im not sure where the ODB port is on the car.

Ill find out and see if it says anything on it when i found out when where the port is.

So far it hasnt happened again

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by regulation obd ports have to be in reach of the drivers seat - normally in toyotas it is in the trim panel between the underneath of the steering wheel and footwell.

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thanks , i know where it is now , on another forum , it is next to the bonnet lever.

Ill plug my odb2 reader and see what is says

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