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Gt4 St205 Blue Smoke


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:crybaby: Had the turbo go a few weeks ago so have spent out 700 bucks on a new one. Turbo works fine much better than the old one and spools up a lot faster.

The only problem is that the car has started to blue smoke from the exhaust. It smokes when it has left idling and you give it a few revs. First thing i thought was it must be the turbo as it was the only thing that had changed from before. So was gonna send it back to be looked at. Took it of and have noticed that there is a small amount of oil running down the exhaust valves. This must be where it from. The plugs are not oily so this makes sense.

I take it this means the valve guides are screwed! So after just spending almost a grand on turbo, parts etc im a little :censor: off!

I find it a bit strange as there was definatley no oil there when i changed the turbo. Anyone got any ideas. It doesnt smoke untill it has warmed right up so was thinking maybe a different weight oil? im using 10w 40 magnatec???

Any suggestions would be very appriciated

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Blue smoke means that it's probably being burnt in the engine not the turbo's exhaut housing (like mine, white as a ghost) but to happen just after the turbo is put back on??? I would be looking sideways at the seals on the shaft bearings in the turbo. If oil is being sucked in through the intake it will burn in the engine. Check your piping to the intercooler for unusual oil deposits. It sounds too coincidental for it to be much else. And yes the turbos do start by blowing at idle. Give them a few revs (say up to 2000rpm) and it cleans it up for a minute as the flow improves and the ration of fuel mixture to oil being burnt drops.

I can't understand how taking the turbo off allows you to see the exhaust valves though????

As far as oil goes I was using 10w40 Magnatec but have since gone to Castrol fully synthetic 10w60. This stuff is the :censor: and I couldn't say enough good about it, very good for turbos and as my engine has done over 200km it's really helped with tappet noise. The drawback for joe public... it costs the earth. Ahhhh the joys of working in parts :thumbsup:

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Looking at the Turbo again, it does seem to have end float in the sharft, so i phoned Turbo Technics and told them, they are having it back to take a look at it. Im hoping that they have screwed up and they will fix it and everything will be ok.

Oh i can see the exhaust valves cause I have taken off the exhaust manifold aswell. The turbo comes off the manifold easier this way i find, due to some extremely tight nuts!!!!!

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