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Anyone Breaking A Petrol Corolla?

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Wierdly, I need a bit for fitting my Lexus V8 into my Hilux.... and it looks like my most likely way of getting it is from a Corolla!

I'm pretty sure this part exists in all petrol EFi models from at least 92 - 99 from my reading, and it is small and obsucre... so here goes.

I'm after the small two pin pug, (and enough cable to splice, a couple of inches) that runs between the in tank fuel pump and the 5 pin connector on te inside of the fuel tank cover.

Obviously my Diesel hilux had no fuel pump, but wierdly has that Grey 5 pin plug that should make fitting one easy (but only uses three pins for fuel level), I have the pump, just want to use the factory wiring...

Can anyone help please?



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