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Thinking Of Some 17"

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Hey guys i have a 2003 Rolla 1.4 t3 and looking at putting some 17" alloys on it (black multispoke) its all standard apart from a BMC panel filter, just wanted to know, can it be done, and if so what should i be careful of?

http://www.wheelbasealloys.com/17_calibre_rapide_black__5936 LIKE THESE :euro:

Any comments are helpful



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There shouldn't be any real issues, it made my E12 turn a little sharper. But just make sure you have 45 profile not 40. I had transferred the wheels and tyres from my old E11 G6 and not swapped tyres, it threw the speedo out of line.

More knowledgeable people will be able to give you other pros and cons.

Nice choice wheels too. I don't have the time to clean that many spokes anymore lol.

Good luck

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I am thinking on getting 17 inch Lexus 5 or 11 spoke rims for my E14.

205/45/17 tyres, but I am afraid it's going to be too much for 1.4 vvti engine. What do you think?

Or should I go for R16 with 205/55/16 tyres?

17 inch rims are a lot easier to find.......... as I looking to buy used alloys.

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Others can correct me if I'm wrong. Aren't lexus all five stud pattern?

If you're going through the cost and hassle of new wheels, , I'd choose 17's for biggest choice of styles.

And 16's if you got bad roads or lowering it alot.

E14? What does this look like?

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I must apologise, I just google imaged the e13 and e14. And spotted a red one with lexus rims. My e12 has four stud not five. I forgot that toyota continued the Corolla line around the rest of the world and gave us the Auris instead :-(

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