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Poor Mpg And Resolution

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Hello all,

Felt compelled to share my experience which might help others on the forum.

I noticed one day, some months ago, my MPG had dropped considerably after an incident with the Battery being drained. Decided to tackle it today and managed to get my MPG back upto around 47 which is around what I was getting before!

I reseated the air intake hoses and made sure everything was tight and hey presto, MPG back to normal so I guess there was a vacuum leak going on somewhere. I also took the opportunity to clean the MAF sensor (very easy Job) and managed to squeeze a few extra more mpg out of the old Avensis. Had nothing to do with the Battery at all just one of those coincedences.

So if you experience a drop in your MPG, then maybe a quick check of the hoses would be a good starting point


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