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Spanish Incompetence

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I drove my 2001 Celica over to Spain in 2006 and registered it, via a lawyer, for Spanish plates and import duty. That took about 6 months and when I got the paperwork back I put it in for the Spanish equivalent of an MOT, the ITV, after forking out €250's for the lawyer and €1200's import duty. ITV result....FAILED. Why? Because, allegedly, it has the wrong size tyres on. Rubbish, they are the same size tyres that were on it when I drove it off the garage forecourt when I bought it brand new in 2001. So, the lawyer sent the paperwork back, which took another 3 months. I had to pay for another ITV and,this time, it passed, so I presumed all was well and that the paperwork had been corrected.

Until the car is over 10 years old the ITV lasts for 2 years. In 2009 it passed again. In 2011 it failed, because it allegedly had the wrong tyres on. We waited 1 week and put it in again having done nothing to it and it passed. In 2012 it failed again. This time because the tyres were the wrong speed rating 87V instead of 88V. These tyres were brand new with no mileage. I contacted the lawyer who sent the paperwork back to the Spanish Traffico who insisted they were right. We put the car in for its ITV again and it passed without having anything done. This year we put it in again and guess what? It's failed again. But, this time the tyres (same ones) are okay. Now its the wheel width!!!!!! 15's instead of 16's, or the other way round, I don't know anymore. So the lawyer has had to send the paperwork back to Traffico again and insist that they look at it again. WHAT A FARCE! NO WONDER THE COUNTRY IS ON ITS KNEES.!

The best part of it is that my car has now done 230,000 miles without a break down, never let me down and has only had 2 punctures and 1 new clutch. Now if that doesn't make a mockery of their stupid rules what does?

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