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Gen 3 Glasscoat - Any Experience?

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Hi all,

I'm just going through the process of buying a Prius and the dealer has offered G3 Glasscoat for £200 (I think I can get it for £150). I've done some research and there seem to be some conflicting views out there so I wanted your opinions.

Apparently G3 isn't a polish, it's not a wax either, it bonds with the paintwork and cannot be washed off. I've read a lot of posts on other forums saying it's no better than this wax or that polish, but in my mind surely it must be if it can't actually be washed off. Whereas most waxes/polishes will wash off?

I just wondered if anyone out there had had this done and what they thought?

I understand it must be applied properly as if the car isn't essentially stripped of debris on the paintwork then that debris, scratches etc will be there forever as the glasscoat will cover them.

I'd like to say I wash and wax my car but I don't. We occasionally get a detailing company out to do our existing car but that's perhaps 3 times in 3 years. So the thought of a tough coat over the paintwork does appeal to me.

Any experience of G3 out there?

(be nice, I'm a newb :) )

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Glasscoat is definately one of the better dealer applied sealants, far superior to Supagard etc

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Would you say it was worth £150? (or worst case £200)

Its worth it in comparison with other dealer sealants but you could buy some off ebay and do it yourself.

It`ll only last a year or so without attention no matter what the dealer says to you and if you like washing and waxing your car its not worth having done anyway.

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