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A Question Of Radio Reception Quality Of The Original Equipment

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When it comes to the in~car radio/cd system in my 52 plate Avensis Vermont I'm actually pretty impressed with the factory system.

It has the intergrated fuel consumption/trip computer/radio/cd system which sounds great even when I'm blasting my AC/DC n Zeppelin cd's at full bore - i.e no distortion or speaker rattle but ~ BUT !!!

75% of the time I listen to the radio,predomantly Radio 5 live which is at 693 MW and stuff on LW.

Trouble is I get a lot of interference on LW particularly.It quietens down a bit when I come off the throttle n starts when I press it again.

Obviously I'm getting interference from the cars electrics,particularly the engine management system,it's unlistenable when I plug my phone charger into the lighter socket.It squeals like a banshee on fire on both MW n LW but there's not a peep on FM ever which always gets a crystal clear reception !!!

I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and found a solution.I don"t fancy fitting extra shielding to all the systems with a higher current or checking every single earth isn't bleeding or shorting in anyway :(

The other option is to fit my Kenwood CD/Digital radio which is an excellent machine but it means,for one thing,splitting or custom makin. the facia panel where the radio/fuel computer is fitted with a DIN opening and removing the old radio/cd,reworking the wiring so the my kenwood works properly but I don't lose the fuel/trip computer and it's display as I would hate to lose that feature.

That's including making the hole thing look professional and at least as good as it does at present !!!!

So if anyone has any ideas about how I can dramatically improve the reception on my factory radio i'd really appreciate it as I'd sooner keep the original factory set up even though i miss having a digital radio !!!

I had the kenwood in my previous W-reg 1.8 GS so I know if push comes to shove I could use the bottom half of the facia panel from an older GS,i.e turn the tray with opening panel above the heater controls as the slot where the Kenwood would go but even then it'd take one hell of a lot of adapting to make it work so sorting the original radio seems much easier :)

Of course,if I do have to fit my digital radio i'll take photos and make a post on how i did it :)

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Bob, you are on the right track about trying to shield the electrics, but as you said, it is a lot of hassle. What about the arial cable route. It could be easier to shield where possible.

MW and LW signals are older and only good for listening to talk shows. Most cars have to be fitted with ballast resisters.

If you do install the Kenwood, you should Google Toyota to single din adapter fascias and cables. There are plenty of adapters for different brands of cars and CD/radios. Do not cut any cables (I assume you already have a cable for Kenwood that fitted your previous Avensis). You don't need to these days. The adapter plate is less hassle to fit.

You could test the Kenwood before properly installing it to make sure it's MW/LW has not got the same interference.

The last bit will determine which way to solve your issue.


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Thanks for your reply Konrad.I agree with a lot of what you're saying and that's a good idea to Google Toyota as there could well be an DIN adaptor plate that would fit.

Wiring a new unit in won't be a problem I've still got the connections from my last one.The main issue I had with the Kenwood was how it'll look as the factory unit looks more modern and integrated than a non stock one would but I hadnt thought that there may be an adaptor plate that'll fit.

The reason I want to fit the Kenwood is because it's a digital radio so I don't need a good reception on MW n LW.I normally have radio 5 on n it goes out on digital.

Also,I suppose you'd call it my guilty pleasure but I need LW for Test Match Special but again I can get that digitally :)

But thanks again,it never occured to me there might be a replacement panel with a DIN apeture I could get,if there is that clears most my reservations about fitting my Kenwood.

Cheers Konrad :)

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When I looked at it again after posting this topic I realised the lower section with the slot for the CD can prob be removed without disturbing the upper half with the volume,switches and lcd screen.

It looks straightforward it's simply a matter of finding a panel to slot in it's place that'll take a DIN unit :)

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