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Recent Trip Turns Up Surprise


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On a recent trip to see my youngest son I got quite a surprise as I pulled off the M54 for the A449 at J2. Shortly after this it started to drop back down, and by the time I reached my sons house in Baswich it had dropped to just under 64mpg.

On the return journey it never topped 64mpg, and as I pulled into our car port it was on 63.? but I wasn't disappointed with that. I never went over 70mph -not in a rush, I mostly stuck to 60mph on the motorway or 50mph to 60mph on the A roads. I'm trying to drive the car like Ebenezer Scrooge. The less fuel I pay for, the less the government get, they don't deserve it.


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I'm happy for your MPG.....Not so sure about your radio station choice :eek: :eek: :D:

Just messin, I like a bit of Radio 2 myself

Kingo :thumbsup:

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Cheers Kingo. I used to listen only to Radio 1, then I got older, the music got more and more crappy and they took Chris Moyles and his crew off... I usually listen to a CD, but one of my wife's CD's was in and she likes much older music, like Rolling Stones, that era's music, plus it probably helps that she has met lots of them in the past and is a long time friend with one of Ronnie Lane's wives, Kate. I've heard some funny stories about those days and I keep telling her, write a book about it.

Anyway, back to my choonage!

:band: yeeeeeaaaaahhhh

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My limited IQ MPG experience now tells me that about 60+ MPG is possible even on quite short runs, with a "average" speed of only 30MPH, if you drive with a very light foot at speeds between 30-60MPH and coast whenever possible.

I can also now predict a potential of up to 70MPG on much longer runs in the future.

If my right foot becomes "quite heavy" my MPG reduces to 48-50MPG

If I drive with max rev's in each gear ( a bit like I'm in a race ! ) then it drops to below 40MPG.

So it's no surprise that improved MPG is mainly determined by our driving method's.

Positive Regards,


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Bob, driving methods is one thing, but also where you drive is another cause of low MPG. Driving in and out of central London I'm seeing an average of 45-47MPG, I have to admit that at times my foot can get a little on the heavy side ;) but I'm using a nice little application that tracks my fuel usage.


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On a very clear 12 mile dual carriageway run from filling up to reaching my destination I've managed an indicated 74mpg before. In everyday driving my journeys are very short and it does affect my mpg.

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I think the only thing we can do is drive as we like to drive in these iQ's. I used to like driving fast, but safe. I was never a nutter behind the wheel driving fast where I put myself or others in danger, and I'm not saying any of you lot do either. Now, at the grand old age of 52 I drive for economy. I got so fed up with shelling out hundreds of pounds a year on fuel that I wanted something that was very good on fuel, but it took years before I had the money to get the iQ.

I didn't want just any old eco car, I wanted an iQ, but thought my money would only stretch to a Smart car. I got to like them, but knew about the poor gearbox/gearshift in them, yet I was prepared to compromise on that for economy and low road tax. So happy that we could finally afford the iQ though, as it is a class car and I'd get a new one at the drop of a hat money permitting, but I'm not sure I'd go for one with a sat-nav, at that high a price, I'd want it to do so much more than tell me where to go, my wife does that already for free...

I have to admit though, that I do sometimes get a a bit peed off when I have to go uphill and see those hard earned numbers dropping away so quickly. Overall, I think if you accept the car has it's limitations and faults and learn to live with them, it's an ideal car for many who wouldn't necessarily think about one. I mean, Aston Martin could have adopted the Smart car or other similar small car but they chose the iQ. Why, because they know a classy little motor when they see one, hence the Cygnet.





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It's a feature of the standard stereo in our cars.

When you have the standard stereo you only get a CD slot in the centre of the dashboard, no additional display so all the radio display is done on the dash display.

It shows the station or CD track number and then changes to show additional things like volume level when you adjust it but it then returns to the default display after a few seconds.

I'm guessing if you have the SatNav version with the big display in the centre of the dashboard the display on the panel in front of you is disabled?


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