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Last Query Before Hitting Go ?

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After much deliberation I'm just about to push the go button and go with either the 1.8 VVT Auto Avensis Tourer or the Verso Auto. My days of diesel cars are now about to end.

The Verso is only available in auto, as are most of the current low mileage, pre registered Avensis Tourers. My only reservation now is the performance and durability of the CVT Auto Transmission after reading some of the horror stories, on this site, concerning the MMT Auto Transmission. Has anyone out there had any experience of the CVT Auto, both positive and negative experiences would be really welcome before I commit a significant amount of cash.

I also see that Mr T has re branded the model ranges from T2, T3, TR etc to Active, Icon, EXcel. Looking at the cars it appears to me they are mainly cosmetic changes? Again if anyone can highlight significant variances it would be appreciated.

Thank you

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If you look on the site, there has only been a few reported problems with the CVT gearbox.

Don't compare the Multi Mode and Multi Drive S CVT! I owned a RAV4 with a CVT gearbox and I found it to be smooth and a real eye opener (I had some reservations like you).

As for the trims, the main change for Verso models is the Icon model now has more standard equipment compared to the former TR spec, Avensis models haven't really changed that much.

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