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1Zzfe Oil Blockage To Vvt System With P1349 Code

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Hi folks I need some help, I am not getting any variable valve timing on
my Celica and have the P1349 fault code. I have done some extensive
research and have concluded that there seems to be little or no Oil
getting to the Oil control valve.

I Had to rebuild the engine last year to replace a piston and there has
been a ticking sound from the top end ever since. The ticking is worse
when starting from cold and is most noticeable when accelerating and
also lifting off the gas.

I have a feeling that some gasket sealant from the timing chain cover is causing a block in the system?

Does anyone know where the Oil route is from the pump to the OCV valve?
And does the seal around the timing chain cover have anything to do with
its path?

Tests that I have carried out allready are as follows:

1. Cleaned OCV filter

2. Replaced OCV valve

3. Disconnected OCV plug with engine running, (no change in idle)

4. Manually applied 12volts to the OCV, engine should nearly stall when doing this but there was no change at all.

5. Removed OCV and stuck a rag in the hole and turned the engine over
for a few seconds, Oil should come out quickly but there was very little
Oil on the rag, possibly just splash from inside the valve cover.

It appears that the rest of the engine is getting Oil as normal but
there is little or none getting up to the vvt system. I dont want to
replace the vvt actuator until I am sure there is not a blockage in the
pipes. I have just put some seafoam in the crankcase and tried to get
some down the oilways around the OCV but access is restricted.

Worst case senario i am going to have to remove the timing chain cover again (pain in the *****) and possibly replace the oil pump.

Any other ideas what could be causing a blockage here?

I look forward to some good advice.


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