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James Death

Im Here.

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Hi Folks,

The Forum has popped up a few times when looking up bits on the IQ potential used Purchase.

Especially about spare wheels.... :disgust:

So we have left a deposit on a 2010 Base IQ in the Deep Amethyst ... Purple or plum to most folks.

Had looked at a few car options the MINI, at least most of them you can get a spare wheel mounted and underneath unless you have a central exhaust ie cooper S.

But no too many potential issues.

Smart Car, that ruled straight out after seeming to be the one when the dash lip stops my good lady wife from even reaching the accelerator pedal.

The Fiat 500, over priced and the accelerator positioning on that had my good lady in discomfort in less than 3 miles.

The IQ fits just Right, although somewhat wide the fact that the rear seats are unlikely to get used means decent boot space and the seats can be used at a push, even managed to get myself behind the drivers seat with some angling even set for me at about 5ft 11".

Seams to fit the bill superbly, small, Frugal on Fuel so led to believe, No Road Tax despite government always moving the goal posts, Short for parking ease, build seams a good deal better than the Aygo we had for a couple of years.

Even the Brown Interior has grown on me.

The Car is in very good nick interior and exterior, some hazing and swirls to the exterior but im into car detailing so no problem for me to sort out.

So should have her this Friday afternoon.

Really looking forward to it.

Hope i enjoy her as much as i did my BRG Rover 75. Although that had every gadget and beige leather and real walnut dash and steering wheel etc. Oh well the IQ will be a joy im sure.

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Hello James - welcome to TOC

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Thank you for the welcome, Stay Frosty....

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