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Gen 7 - Keyfob Problem?


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Hi all,

Car is a 2006 VVT-Li with 67k miles - was working perfectly last night!!

Anyway came to unlock the car this morning - press "unlock" - nothing.

Open car door with key and tried to start car and again - nothing. No alarm sounded, no electrical signs of life apart from the alarm LED flashing.

So, I went to work in the other car and left the key with my Mrs who took it too a local DIY place. New Battery fitted to the fob but it's still not responding.

Any advice on how to proceed would be gratefully recieved, is there some sort of reset procedure or something??

Thank you.

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I had the same issue, so I took the fob to peices and found that the tiny solder connection on the circuit board where it connects to the button had broke.

Re melted the solder, and job done :)

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