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How Is Toyota's Badge Attached To The Aygo's Front?


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Is access to the fixing simply a matter of removing the black horizontal panel at the front of the engine compartment?

And if so, are the two bolts at the right hand side, and the single bolt at the left, the only ones which need to be removed?



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The black panel you're referring to isn't a panel at all: it's actually a bracket that holds the bumper AND forms the acutual grille of the car.

It's best to remove the entire bumper to remove the logo, but you MIGHT be able to get enough access to the logo pins by undoing the

three screws AND the black plug next to the 4th bolt (looking at the car) on the 3rd position, next to the bonnet-latch.

Here's a pic of the back of a removed bumper, the logo is held on by 4 pins in the middle (near the green sticker).


This is from a 1st generation Aygo, but the construction hs remained the same for the latter two generations...

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Thank you Jan.

Quite deceptive isn't it, and, for the moment at least, more palaver than I want to struggle with.

However, if I decide to investigate further, can you tell me what other fixing bolts are involved, and where they are?



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That's a superb explanation.

My reason for asking was to assess the ease or otherwise of being able to attach an additional Badge to the side of Toyota's emblem. It seems that it's of the "otherwise" variety.

Not something I shall abandon yet. I will, as Poirot might say, excercise the little grey cells more vigorously.

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