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Engine Swap

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i have a 2000 corolla e11 (facelift) and it not only has the common Oil burning problem, although mine is quite extreme (around 1l for ever 100miles) it developed a faulter on tick over (it refuses to tick over properly dropping to around 500rpm) anyway today it started to miss fire so when i got to work (i am a mechanic with over 30 years in the trade) i scaned it where it picked up a misfire on cylinder 3, i wiped the codes and drove home this evening it was running fine until i came to climb a hill where it dropped back to three, so i swapped a coil, no change still a misfire on number 3, changed the spark plugs no change still a misfire on number 3 so after compression test i discovered lack of compression on number 3, so my question is is it possible to swap the later engine out of the corolla from 2002 onwards which has the modified pistons (so i dont have another Oil burner) into my corolla thanks for your help in advance


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