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Wheel Size For 2013 Corolla/auris

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Hi Guys,

Apologies if this has been done to death.

With local dealerships being unable to provide me the info I'm after (namely the offset of the standard 17 inch wheels) and without physically measuring it, I've turned to the interwebs for information. From what I've found, they are a +45 offset with 5x114.3 PCD. Standard tyres are a 215/45/17.

Assuming this is correct, my very rough calculations have indicated that it would be possible to fit an 8.5 inch width, 18 inch diameter wheel with a +32 offset and a 245/35/18 tyre. Could be a bit borderline though. It should fit within the guards, just not sure about clearance with guard liners. Suspension clearance with that offset should be almost unchanged.

Does anyone have any insight as to if this is do-able without modifying the guards or liners? Ride height is standard at this stage and the car will never be a belly-scraper.


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