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Iq Performance Mods

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Has anyone done any performance mods to their iQ and had good results? Been looking into it a lot recently and i'm not entirely sure yet, got the iq2 and maybe looking to increase performance as much as i can, if possible.


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I think there are some performance goodies available for the Aygo (I believe the 1ltr iQ engine is the same). I know there is a super charger out there. With having the 1.33ltr my self, I haven't looked too much at what is available for the 1ltr. I know there is nothing for mine really.

Be prepared for some "You should have got the bigger engined model if you want it to go faster" lol

Good luck with your findings.

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Welcome to the forum.



I think you would have been better off starting with a iQ3/1.3

What performance do you want to increase,

0-62, 0-80, or the top speed?


Make it lighter is always very cheap to do as a first perfomance move,

(but not so easy on an iQ with little to remove.)

then maybe improve the handling & braking and you can go round corners with the same power but maybe quicker.


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There's induction kits out there. I know Blitz do a couple of different types and way back in the day people were reporting good gains from such a small engine. Blitz also do a Nur-spec titanium exhaust which you'd hope would give you something (Read. It isn't cheap 😳😳). Otherwise you're probably looking at unsprung weight (alloys, junking the interior not required,etc).

All the Scion boards go on about the Tanabe sway bar. Not seen it done over here but apparently it adds to the handling somewhat.

Try www.fensport.co.uk for some inspiration though. Sally on here used to rave about them.


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I'm starting to think maybe the iQ3 would have been the better option!

Thanks I will take a look at the website and keep looking around, if anything i would just want to add to the acceleration a bit more, top speed not an issue since i dont do track or anything

edit: currently looking at http://www.rotrexsuperchargers.co.uk/Rotrex/pages/products/cars/aygo/prod_aygo.html

they claim 8 seconds for the aygo...that sounds like a very dramatic change, anyone have stories of this being done?

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Instead of spending £3,400 + vat plus all the extra cost on parts, and the cost of the people that fit it for you,

you could just go and buy a faster car for that same money that does 0-62 in under 7 seconds if its that important.

Have you got your 1.0 iQ2 going as well as it can, serviced & good plugs and air filter in and no EGR problems.

because really they are not slow when properly running?

Is it a manual?


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The thing is I love the iQ, everything about it is perfect, the only thing i would change is the acceleration and in my eyes it would be the perfect car, so getting another car wouldn't be something i'd look at right now (i'm only 18 so that would probably be a bit much, also insurance on two cars would be killer).

Got the car 3 months ago and I think they serviced it before I got it, got a service due this month which I need to book tomorrow, i can't tell if there are EGR problems since I have nothing to compare with. The car definitely isn't what I would call slow, it just does struggle at times such as on hilly areas which I have a lot of over here, and yes it is the manual iq2.


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Decided i'm going to leave the iq as it is (a while ago now) and getting a BMW 135i as of next year, doesn't seem like THAT much can be done, still interesting to see what you guys to do your iq's though, still is tempting to mod it at times :laughing:

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Haven't checked yet but if worst comes to worst i'll get the 2L 123d sports plus which will be around 1k on insurance, which is what i pay now anyways


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No I didn't put it on a Dyno, but it does pull a little better feels like a slight increase in torgue.

I can tell you one thing, their is definitely an increase in mpg (the way I drive it) maybe the slight increase in torque is helping that.

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The thing is, is there an actual increase in torque, or does it feel like it pulls better because it sounds better.?

Does it show that you use less fuel because you drive different now because it feels like it pulls better because it sounds better.?

Simple solution is to see if the better MPG comntinues once the weather starts to cool, ECU and Sensors will adjust the AFM.

Maybe Dyno it now and see just how many BHP/PS it does produce at the wheels.

If their is an improvement on the 68 bhp & torque is up on the 91 Nm then that is good.

Please keep us updated, because it is always good to know when such a simple little mod gives such noticeable gains,

& Why it is that Vehicle Manufacturers do not just do them as standard fit.

Everyone should just run a Induction Kit with Cold Feed Intake.

All gains and not much expense.


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I would also like to know if the K&N Induction Kit with a cold air feed has truly made a difference of any kind and also if that changes in cold weather V hot weather (MPG or improved torque etc) other than the "Emotional Feeling" perhaps linked to the sound etc ?

As there are so many conflicting reports about the actual true benifits.

All comments and any facts from Dyno tests would be valuable info.

Positive Regards, Bob.

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I very rarely get the sound (which does sound quite nice) as I drive the car very carefully and mainly motorway driving at a steady 60mph, that's why I average 68mpg.

The only time I do get the sound is when pulling away at a round about or joining the motorway.

I am definitely putting less fuel in a week now, so I must be getting close to an average of 70mpg.

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I will post some pictures and a Youtube link of the install when I get back from my Holidays, I have fitted a stainless steel heat shield and 3 cold air feeds.

When I get back from my Hols I am going to borrow my mates pit and wrap the exhaust with Titanium Exhaust wrap and stainless steel ties purchased from ebay the other week, I will be doing the same to my Audi that has a Pipercross induction kit (and much quieter than the K&N) and a cold air feed.

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I have the standard exhaust at the moment but will be having a stainless steel vortex exhaust system fitted next month.

I am wrapping the exhaust to keep the under bonnet temperatures down to help with the cool air being sucked into the air filter.


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I am involved with Cobra replicas as well and many people wrap their exhausts for the same reasons.

Common problems encountered are the wrap retains the heat in the pipe causing severe corrosion and stainless pipes are not immune, they tend to crumble to dust after about 5 years and this is on cars that only do a few thousand miles per year.

You can't get rid of the heat, all the wrap does is move the heat further along the pipe so you will find the rest of the exhaust runs hotter and your likely to melt exhaust hangers.

All the people that have tried exhaust wrap now swear they wouldn't touch it again and it makes no difference anyway once your moving with the air flowing through the engine bay.


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Simple Basics.

Cool, quality Oxygen in, & Fuel & a Good burn, not lean or rich & then good exhaust flow.

Quick dispersion of heat and save using energy to cool the Coolant & Oil coolant in an engine.

Aiming to Reduce or Stop 'Heat Soak'.

Bang for your bucks and efficient performance.

Thats why Induction and Forced Induction can work well on Small engines,

why Ford are now building 1.0 Ecoboosts.

But Manufactures need consistent performance and emissions from -20*oC - +40*oC Ambient so they need to compromise with Air in.

So good Air Fuel & Exhaust & you can improve things.

The cooler and better Oxygen burning efficently with the fuel.

re the 'Vortex System' as the company in the UK advertise.

From Experience save your money and spend on a proper 'Performance System',

Their Claims are a Little like those of K&N.

Pinch of Salt.

Best just bought as a Stainless Exhaust system, but then you can buy one of those or one that actually does give better performance.

Certainly needs to be a good one with a 1.0 litre iQ that has the ECU controlling so much about the AFM (Air fuel mixture.)

Remember some modern 4 Stroke engines still require 'Back Pressure', & this is why they have small down piper at the exhaust Manifold', just like 2-Strokes, the small capacity/output engines gains from back pressure, and why they do not have Big Bore straight through exhausts, that is not only about the noise.


If anyone wants 'To Measure measurable results', then Dyno before and Dyno Afterwards,

Then you can Measure and assess and decide on actualities.

Proof of the pudding type thing.

But even Dyno-Rolling Roads is not real world, so also the Clock (App even)

& the real road might be a better judgement of what works.


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I think I would just buy a nippier car if I found the IQ was a bit slow.

Even an Aygo is friskier than an IQ, but I didn't buy an IQ to out-drag other cars at traffic lights so I am more than happy with what I have.


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Agreed, after all there is National Speed limits and you can only go as fast as the car in front.

& if you want a better 30-70 MPH Speed for overtaking then the expense of a K&N kit and a Vortex Exhaust might be better spent elsewhere rather than hoping or trying to hop up the 68bhp.


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I put as you may remember, a K&N induction kit on mine (think it only fits the 3cylinder as there isnt much room in the 1.3)

I would say the power band moved and kicked in at around 80mph and did get 115mph out of it but lost a lot of low end acceleration Making it a bit like the EGR problem. I even fitted a blower to it. Other than noise no difference. Mind you i do have 18inch wheels. So acceleration is not great.


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Re Vortex exhaust.

I doubted their promises when I was looking for a new exhaust for my motorhome a 2.8jtd Ducato pulling 4.5tons. They talked me into giving them a go and Im glad they did. I used to have to drop into 4th gear over the Pennines but after the system was fitted I can do it in 5th gear. I also get more MPG, my old figures were between 16 and 18 MPG I now see between 18 and 22MPG.

Heres a link to my photos https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fy81v83evl81l6y/1go3-Ih4Ok

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