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Happy 2006 T-Spirit Owner Looking For Estate

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I have a 2006 T-spirit Avensis that I have had for 2 1/2 years with no major problems and im rather fond of it

Due to an expanding family, im in need for an estate but dont really want to move away from the Avensis.

Im looking at spending about £5000 for maybe a 07/08 plate.

Do any of you guys own an Avensis Estate? perhaps a T180 estate? are they any good? what type of MPG do you get?

cheers fellas :thumbsup:

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Don't have it any longer but I had a 57 plate 2.2 Tourer TR.

I used to average around 42mpg in the Winter & 45mpg in the Summer in mixed motoring. Largely motorway work could see upto 57mpg (& I'm not the lightest of feet).

Very reliable & practical car. Comfortable cruiser but not great handler in the twisty stuff due to all the weight over the nose.

Typical Avensis niggles - poor oem headlight bulbs, not great brake feel.

Assuming that you are aware of the potential head gasket problems & their ramifications with the D4Ds then for an Avensis of that age:

TR - all the toys but cloth seats

T-Spirit - as TR but leather, nicer alloys & iirc power seats.

T180 - as T-Spirit but more powerful (& thirstier) engine. Fitted with a DPF :(

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