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2001 D4D No Power

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Hi Fellas

Hope you can shed some light.

2.0 D4D Rav - revs fine at standstill. out on the road loses power at around 2000rpm intermittent surges at around 3000 but cannot get over 70 on motorway. Dies a sad death going uphill.

new fuel/air filter

Done the SCV meter tests and got continuity on both.

Took off EGR valve seems ok and definately no where near as bad as people describe on other threads. Sooty but not what Id call serious fo 120k and never been done before

Havent cleaned it yet i can move the piston quite easily with a flat driver and it springs back ok.

Is it ok to take the top off or is it sealed.

Any way nothing to suggest EGR is faulty and definately no blockages.

Have noticed a bit of Oil in my intercooler pipes right up to turbo.

Also am I right in thinking i cant get a cheap code reader for this model?

Any ideas please?

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Possibly a blocked/partially blocked catalytic box (the first exhaust box after the turbo/first downpipe). To check, simply remove this front box, and the rest of the exhaust, and test drive with just the downpipe in place. (It will be surprisingly quiet.)

If power returns, then the ceramic honeycomb in the cat box is blocked, and needs replacing (or the obstruction removing).


You mention surging at around 3000rpm. Could this just be the power temporarily briefly returning to normal? Surges of power often indicate air-in-fuel. The electric pump in the fuel tank only operates on start-up, to prime the main fuel pump on the engine. After start-up, the main fuel pump sucks fuel from the tank, and the supply pipe to the pump, via the fuel filter, is under slight vacuum (negative pressure). If there is an air leak in the line, air will be drawn into the fuel line - you may never see a fuel leak. To check for air bubbles-in-fuel, splice in a short section of transparent tubing after the fuel filter and before the fuel pump. Any bubbles will be visible. Fuel filters have been known to go porous, or not seal properly.


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Thanks Chris

Whatever the fault its definitely affecting the turbo. Power surge is how you say like the turbo returning to normal and kicking in.

I put a recon turbo on about 18 months ago.

Its pretty heavy on Oil use and judging by the Oil in intercooler pipes etc this maybe where its going. If this is connected to my power issue im not sure.

Just off to get some carb cleaner for EGR but I'm not confident this will solve it.

Is it ok to remove the solenoid off the EGR for cleaning purposes?

Thanks for help

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Had a play around, cleaned egr, tested VSV as per workshop leaflet and no difference.

Turbo kicks in at around 18 - 1900 rpm then dies when reaching 3000. Into 5th on motorway revs stick at 3000rpm and 80mph.

No kick.

Feels like it reaches 3000rpm then loses turbo and is hesitasting though going through gears it will go past 3000rpm just not as quick.

Any further thought chaps?

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Sounds like the SCV's to me, i had a similar problem, under load between 2000-3000 rpm the car would stutter and the sometimes the engine management light would come on and go into limp home mode, the SCV when tested where in spec but when the garage looked into further there was a drop in fuel pressure in the fuel rail between these revs indicating a faulty SCV, They replaced the SCV's the the car is now running faultless!

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Never had a warning light once or experienced limp mode. Not sure if this model has a limp mode.

Is there a cheap code reader i can use for this model. I know there is one for newer versions but been told i cant get one for this.

If it is the SCV's then surely the fault would show.

Ive tested them and get continuity across terminals (budget multimeter).

any tests on the turbo i can try?

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I think its the turbo. Checked tonight and theres a definite rattle when revving it up.

Poxy recon obviously crap quality.

Has anyone used a repair kit or drop in cartridge they can recommend?

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RAVs with the round fog lights from about 2004 will work with a code reader. Can you update your profile to save us guessing - ta.

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OK update.

BTW its 2001 D4D 2.0.

Took turbo off and its running in Oil from air side and the spindle is rattling round so its knackered.

Reckon the recon I put on was not up to scratch. Oil consumption was up after fitting it and looking at the blades of the impeller they are choked with carbon and gunk. So a crap job was done on recon and its been leaking Oil since it was fitted.

Took rocker off as short breather pipe is clogged up.

Any way to check injectors are ok whilst ive got it off?

Also any recommendation where to get my turbo fixed?


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