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Disturbing Noise Coming From My 1.0 Vvt-I + 5D Mmt

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and really appreciate any advice on this issue. Over the last few days every morning when I start up my Aygo 1.0 VVT-i + 5d MMT it makes a really horrible noise. Once warmed up the noise goes away but it's back again once the engine has cooled down and I start it up again.

I've attached a video showing what it sounds like:


Does anybody know what might be causing it and what to do about it?


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sounds like a bearing of some description,when cold check your coolant level in case your water pump is leaking or it may be your alternator bearings have worn.

you could get your toyota dealer to look at it as toyota have extended the guarantee to 5 years for water leaks into the car and also water pump failures,our aygo is an 2009 and earlier this year we had new rear lights fitted and a replacement water pump under warranty foc so happy days for us.

try it you have nothing to lose but everything to gain

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