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Aygo Mmt Gearbox Crunch..

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We have a 58 Aygo MMT and a few weeks ago when it had been parked up for a couple of hours, When we tried to reverse out from bay it crunched into reverse. A heavy clunk which made the engine move (like crashing a gearbox)

It did this twice and then we left it, reversed out no problem then drove forward no problems and has been fine since. All gears changing as they should and no problems going into reverse.

Had it to Toyota today to see if the computer had logged it. It had not and they gave a it a full check and full bill of health. At least it has been logged now on the cars record.

Wondering if anyone else has had any problems like this on the MMT gearbox.

Have read a post re Peugeot manual clutch crunch, it was replaced with a larger clutch plate as the original did not wear out but fractured.

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When properly adjusted the car should have creep in first, second. and reverse.

If it does not have creep the clutch may not engage and the revs will build up and then the clutch engages with what can be a fierce *****. Gear changes in to first and second are also usually jerky. Resetting the gearbox ECU cures this problem and restores creep.

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