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Touch & Go - Next Generation No Cd Player

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I knew that the next generation of Toyota's Touch & Go navigation and infotainment system (due early 2014) will have Tom Tom's HD Traffic as standard.

Toyota are also ditching the standard CD player.

I've just completed a survey for Toyota on this and have copied an extract on what Toyota will be offering:

"Toyota is planning to launch the second generation of Touch System (touch screen multimedia system). The new generation will provide more innovation through a higher resolution, more intuitive menu design with more touch screen operation gestures(drag & flick), more connected services (more apps) and a bigger screen.

Due to the increased size of display screen, the CD player feature will be removed.

For those owners who wish to continue with a CD player, Toyota will be offering owners the following options: Either -

1 . CD Player – multi-changer boot mounted for £100 fully fitted, or

2. CD Player – multi-changer situated in the glovebox for £100 fully fitted, or

3. CD Player – single slot in the glovebox for £50 fully fitted, or

4. CD Player – single slot next to the centre console for £50 fully fitted."

I would imagine that either glovebox or 'next to centre console' fitting would depend on the specific model.

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Is that a TNS350 replacement?

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Presumably yes - although whether it is fitted to all models in 2014 may depend on where a particular model is in its lifecycle.

For example: the current Aygo is due to be replaced in 2014; the IQ must be nearing the end of its current lifecycle (5/6 years - introduced in 2009) and may be replaced around 2015.

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