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Aygo Rear View Mirror


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Is the ball swivel loose?

Is it glued to the screen directly or on a horse shoe mount?

If it's glued, it may be the glue is starting to come away at one side (Had this on my old Fiesta - Went over a hump-backed bridge and it came right off! :lol:)

If it's on a horse shoe mount, may be the tolerances are a bit off; You can gently wiggle it a bit to feel. In this case, a sheet of tissue paper (Or even just one ply!) can be enough to wedge it in snugly, but don't use so much that you have to force it as the horse-shoe will get pulled off and you'll have to stick it back on, which can be a PITA.

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i slide ours off the horseshoe and put a piece of card off a cereal packet in there to tighten it up

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Will try those methods. Ours is a horse shoe and comes off real easy. Was thinking about putting some clear silicone behind it to cushion it and absorb the vibrations. M42 near Solihull, was terrible, like driving a clowns car because of the concrete road surface.

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