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Hi. Second post regarding in laws rav 4. Its got a 2 litre engine and there is a rattle coming from the timing belt area low down. Its not a rattly exhaust or heat sheild and it shuts up if you rev it slightly. I cant see or feel anything loose. Are there any common problems in this area such as water pump / Tensioner etc? Alternator is quiet. Any info welcome. Thanks

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Another Ian, aka Bothwell Buyer, or Boffy, should be along soon.....he invented your era of Rav.

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Hi Voodoo. I have the same problem with my 2 litre. Apparently it is a problem with this type of engine. I read somewhere some time ago on some other forum that this is not a problem but an annoyance and to just let the car warm up and it goes away. I have looked into finding the origin of the noise with a stethoscope but damned if I can find it.

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Simples. get your favourite neighbour to put his/her head down the front and listen carefully for the noise. If a screaming starts, tell the neighbour to tie their hair back as that can be dangerous.

The old long handled screwdriver trick putting one end to you ear and the other to bit around where you think the noise is coming from may help unless you get it tangled up with the HT leads in which case you will become enlivened.

My first shot would be a water pump, but if no water is leaking then can't be to much wrong. has the timing belt been replaced ever ?

But the most common is the tinny heat shield vibrating. I took mine off. Didn't get much from the scrappy for it - £0.02p

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