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199 Avensis Sr - Vibrating At Speeds

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Hopefully someone can help me with this problem. I've read all of the threads I can find online about similar problems, but nobody seems to have this exact problem.

My car vibrates noticably at speeds above 60MPH. You feel it in the drivers seat, and there's a bit of wobble in the steering wheel as well. Everything feels ok up to about that speed. I've had all wheels balanced. The tyres are all pretty new (7mm). The garage I usually go to thought it was a wheel problem, but I think having had them balanced twice there's less chance of it JUST being that.

I took the car to Toyota (it was free thanks to a friend who owns the dealer network) and they're also unsure. They suspect it might be a brake problem, as one of the discs is getting blue when hot. However they've said they'd need to strip it right apart with only a 50/50 chance of success. They appreciate I don't want to rack up hours and hours of labour on a cheap car.

Garage number 1 want to look at the drive shafts next. The logic of bangernomics dictates I don't throw countless hours and pounds at this, but it's very annoying. Car was MOT'd 2 weeks ago (1 day before I bought it) so it's nothing that would fail that.

Please help?!


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If one of the calipers is partially seized then it will run hot to the touch after a relatively short journey, This being the case it could be siezed sliders.

This is a DIY repair - the parts are:


Similarly a seized caliper is only about 50 quid for a guaranteed reconditioned part.

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I had exactly the same symptoms/problem with mine. After loads of time and dosh(incl changing the Dual Mass Flywheel). Turned out to be a badly worn drive shaft. Drivers side has a u/j type joint and the bearings on this were completely shot. Only the rubber gaiter stopped it coming apart completely. Hope this helps.


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Thanks for you help.

Unbelievably, it was just a distorted tyre. Enough to make me vom and knock out my fillings, and it was a slightly distorted tyre!

I think that, on top of the SR's stiffer suspension, meant it amplified the problem.

The breaks were also a bit sticky so they took them apart and gave them a clean. All is now well

Thanks again

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