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Gen 7 Gear Gaiter

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I got my new alloys and tyres fitted the other day and decided to take it for a mini valet (usually do it myself but didn't have time) and when the interior was cleaned they must have pressed really hard on the gear gaiter because it was pushed in / not connected to the console.

I've lifted the console and re-fitted it, there was nothing around it, just the leather which seems to sit in some grooves.

My question is, should there be something, have they removed a plastic cover or surround where the gaiter meets the center console?

Also, I think they must have wiped some grease of or something because the gear lever squeqs slightly when I put it in 1st or 2nd, I don't know whether to spray some WD40 in there or grease etc

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Yes there is, it just sits inside the seams top and bottom, and lose by the sides, I would have thought there would be something else but if thats all there is then cool :) Thanks for the reply Arrow.

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It's just the piece of wire that holds it in.

As for the squeak, is it when the gearstick is moved when stationary, on when driving?

If it's when the gearstick is moved when stationary then some silicone grease around the ball joint on the shifter is all that should be needed.

If it's when moving it's usually when the clutch id depressed. You'll need some spray white lithium grease and the noise is coming from in the engine bay. Can be one of two locations. Let me know and I'll tell you where you need to spray it.

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