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V-Power Nitro Magna Stealth Hybrid Tachyon Phased Polaron Diesel. Plus

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So yeah, has anyone been using this?

My mpg score seems to have dropped noticeably since they added the 'Nitro+' to the V-Power. I am about 5mpg down by my reckoning - Current mpg is more what I expect closer to winter, not the kind of temps we've been having lately!

In my old Yaris (Identical as this one but minus 2 doors and 2 collisions :crybaby:) last year, I was hitting the high 60's/low 70's at this point last year!

What the heck have they changed?!

I remember reading something like it has 25% more cleaning agents or something which implies there is 25% less fuel?! :eek:

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