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T180 Aftermarket Reversing Camera Problems


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Just looking for a bit of advice here. You may remember that I posted on the camera upgrade thread


Anyway the camera I installed over 6 months ago has started to become buggy. If the car is cold it can sometimes work for a few seconds but then it turns grey and the monitor pictures starts scrolling up (looping). It's been like this for 2 weeks now.

The question is, do you think it's the camera or my wiring? or Both?


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I have been looking at reversing cameras for our fleet as we have a habit of reversing into parked cars. I did a check on a load of different suppliers and what I read wa that wireless kits were almost useless, and that connections are a key issue. Have you checked the power and earth connections to your camera ?

Or has the CRT tube become faulty from the vibrations ?

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Just an FYI should someone stumble on this post down the line, the intermittent behaviour was caused by a blown fuse. Unbelievably this wasn't even picked up by Toyota but by a Bosch Service Centre (Bradbury Group) as part of another investigation

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