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Annoying Noise Under Dashboard

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Hi All

Have been getting an annoying noise from under the dashboard and behind the centre console. On investigation I found that it was coming from a white motorised actuator arm that can be seen if you look up under the dash from the drivers foot rest. I'm guessing that it is involved with controlling the mixture of hot air and cold conditioned air for the climate control as it moves up and down as I increase or decrease the temperature setting. Anyway its going a bit haywire jittering back and forth constantly and making the noise; so what ever controls it isn't working properly. Anybody had this experience or knows how to sort it?


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Sorry for the bump of and old thread.

I have a T25 Wagon, 2003, and I have the same problem. Its very annoying noise, and only sounds when the AC its working.

I think its the same problem of the OP.

Did you find a solution?

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I wonder if both posters have climate control in their cars. There is a cabin sensor that measures the temperature, then the system adjusts accordingly to the settings.

What happens when auto or the system is turned off. Any noises then? Also at over 10 years old, motors and other parts have wear and tear.

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Had this in my 2008 T25 2.2 Toyota charged me for a new actuator unit and labour £320.00 for such a small part thought this was OTT especially as lots of owners seem to have had this problem.

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