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My New Auris Excel 1.4 Diesel.

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It is certainly slower than my Volvo C30, but I have adapted to a more relaxed driving style because of this.

I filled the tank up with diesel as the Toyota dealership gave me just enough fuel to get home with, after 5 weeks I filled up again and worked out the MPG I was getting, this included one 210 mile motorway trip and the rest just general driving and it came out at 61 MPG.

Everything works with no problems and it is very comfortable on a long journey.

The only thing I have not tried is the self parking as I really have no need for it, but the reversing camera save a childs life on the supermarket car park, just as I was about to reverse out of the parking space a little child walked behind the car and I saw her on the cameras, if I had been in the Volvo I would have reversed over her because I just would not have seen her.

So up to now I am very pleased.





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When we pick up our new Excel they put in a full tank - perhaps it varies from dealership?

Self park is interesting, use it most days, need to trust it (that is what i have found) but once you do its a superb piece of equipment,

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I haven't plucked up the courage to try the self parking on mine yet!

It is not the case that I have not plucked up the courage to try it out.

My wife is disabled so I have nice wide parking spaces to go in and out of.

I will try it out one day when there is not much traffic around, so if I mess it up no damage will be caused. :bag:

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