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T22 Power Steering Fluid And Squeaking Noise

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I own Toyota Avensis T22 2001 D4D 2.0 diesel estate and my power steering fluid is brown. Should I change it? I am afraid that if not now, then in the near future something is going to go wrong with power steering because of its fluid. At the moment, when turning the steering wheel, no noises are being generated, or anything like that. Except for one thing. If I turn steering wheel all the way to the side (doesn't matter which side), some kind of noise appears. I am being told it is normal, it is just power steering pump generating that noise, because I am turning my steering wheel to the max. Is that true?

My other question is about some sort of squeaking noise. It is really hard to explain this, but sometimes, out of nowhere squeaking noise appears. Noise is very similar to a noise which would be generated by rubber and metal rubbing together. It is continuous, sometimes it appears, sometimes it doesn't. It also is very silent and it only appears when driving (when being stationary noise does not appear). Any ideas what this noise could be? I don't think it is coming from power steering since it generates noise even when power steering is at idle, not being turned and is not turned at all.

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It is difficult to say whether you power steering fluid needs to be changed without seeing it. Changing it won't do any harm and will put your mind at ease/stop you worrying.

As for your squeeky belt noise that is probably one of your drive belts such as the alternator. As your car is quite old I expect one or more of the belts could do with replacing. Even though the belt is tight it may be perished and unable to grip the pulley adequately, hence your squeak. Try to figure out which belt is squeeking with the car stationary and replace that one.

Good luck

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