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Air Con Leak?

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Given that we finally are getting hot weather, I decided that it was probably worth my while getting the AC regassed. Currently, even on the LO setting with AC on or off, I'm getting warm air from the system. I've just spoken to a local garage who is telling me this definitely means the system is leaking as it should have some cold air coming through and it requires a leak check (£48). Personally, I just don't think the AC has ever been serviced since it was born (57 plate, 94k on the clock). I was hoping someone could give me a bit of insight on this? I noticed the other day that there is a rubber tube at the bottom of the radiator that isn't connected anywhere. Could this potentially be a cause? Any insight/advice would help and be very much appreciated.

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No idea on the tube, possibly a breather pipe for the engine?

My D4D is a 57 plate and had the same symptoms as you. Booked an AC service and regas for £16 and all is good again. You are supposed to get it done every 2 years.

I got the AC service on Groupon, lots of AC deals on there at the minute given the weather.

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I have never been able to hear the compressor on mine. Your best bet is to get it looked at at an AC service, they will let you know if it is anything more serious.

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It can still be heard loading and unloading as the swashplate moves accordingly.

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