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Weird Noise When Accelerating And Hard To Steer?

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Toyota Avensis T22 D4-D 2.0 2001 Estate (manual gearbox)

First question:

When my car is in gear and when I accelerate or decelerate, weird noise appears. That noise is similar to old spring being stretched. Noise is very quite and hard to hear, but I do notice it. Mostly it happens in lower rpm's, but it does not happen when being stationary or when clutch pedal is pushed down. Should I be worried about this? I thought about dual mass flywheel, but It doesn't do anything when the clutch has been released completely and the car is in gear, does it?

Second question:

Possibly this is not an issue, but I will still ask for your opinion. Yesterday I drove VW Caddy. The power steering in that car surprised me, because it was extremely easy to turn the steering wheel. I was able to park that car by using only one hand for the steering. Meanwhile, when parking my Toyota Avensis, it is not so easy to park it with one hand for the steering. I am not saying it is impossible (I still do it), but it is much harder. It would be much more enjoyable if the power steering were as brilliant in my car as in that VW. My power steering fluid is brown (pretty much dark brown), but no power steering system sounds occur. Are all of the Avensis T22's harder to steer or could it be the power steering fluid?

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