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What Model Is My Celica Lol?

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Hi guys picked up my celica about a week ago but there's been abit of a debate about what model she is. According to insurance she's a 190bhp but my friends with celicas say its a 140 mainly because it has a vvti and not a vvtli engine. On logbook it says its an st coupe? Another thing that has me questioning what it is is the fact it has front and rear discs like a gts and a 6 speed gearbox? Any help would be appreciated lol


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Easiest way to tell is by looking at the inlet manifold, black plastic = 140, metal = 190.

All UK Gen 7's have front and rear discs, and the six speed box.

Two visible modifications from your pic. that should be declared to your Ins. Co., are the alloy wheels, and rear spoiler.

HTH :)

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Thanks buddyis the spoiler aftermarket? Genuinely Never knew! The alloys are the one pet hate I have about this car why change from originals? as for insurance I've already declared them my old car was highly modified so to speak lol

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