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Engine Has Cut Out On The Motorway, Wont Start ?

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Hi guys, great forum here, never new that these types of sites existed..

I have been driving in the south of France down the motorway in my 2002 corolla d4d and the Oil light came on the dashboard when I was around 70mph and the engine suddenly cut out..

I could not restart the engine and had to be towed to the nearest Toyota garage who did a diagnostic and it came back that further investigation was needed. The French mechanic said something about no compression...

I have since had the car towed to my home and I am wondering if anybody has experienced a similar problem ?

Oil and water levels are normal in the car.. And there is no sign of mayonnaise in the Oil which I think is a sign that the head gasket is fine..

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks, Mat

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The no compression points to head gasket/piston rings, however the fact that there were no signs of Oil usage & it was very sudden points to failed turbo seals, (diesel) which again would have produced LOTS of white smoke and likely engine runaway, not cutting out. The mechanic seems very vauge in saying further investigation is needed, what fault codes were produced? If petrol, then im a little less knowledgeable, but with a bit more information such as

1) what happens when you turn over the car? Does it try to fire, turn over too quickly with little noise but the starter sound (broken timing belt, would explain no compression)

2)does the car have fuel pressure?

3)if spark ignition (petrol) are the plugs getting power?

I may be able to help. Although non of the above would explain Oil pressure light apart from a broken timing belt causing the Oil pump to stop spinning. In which case, how soon after the Oil pressure light illuminating did the car cut out?

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