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Rav 4 3 Door Auto Petrol Consumption Help Please!

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Wifes car only used for short journeys but seems to be getting through approx 40.00 pounds a week.

Any suggestions gratefully received,love the car but hard to justify the costs!

is it time to change??

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Have to consider the savings made from a car with better consumption could be wiped out by the unknown quantity of a used car of similar age and the increased depreciation of a newer car.

What would the cost of fuel per week be on a car that was maybe getting 35 or 40 mpg on your typical weekly mileage?

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use the manual engine start/stop device at traffic lights, etc. (turn the engine off !!)

make sure the tyres are at the correct pressure

surreptitiously check your wife's driving style

The petrol auto is allegedly practically bomb proof, so swapping for a car with unknown reliability could be risky

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I'm afraid it will always be poor. I reckon mine does about 25mpg. Mainly short journeys.

I find a really light right foot helps.

Reliability is excellent.

On the other hand, just look at the diesel problem threads on here.

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