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Anything To Look For With An Aygo?


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We noticed an Aygo for sale at the side of the road, it seems very cheap.

It looks in good condition but doesn't say the mileage so I presume quite high.

It is a 2007 and it is up for £2450 - had a quick nosey around it and all looks fine.

If I go and have a look is there anything I should check out or any particular common faults or expensive repairs etc?

I'm not sure of trim level but it had 2 airbags and aircon and a CD player with aux in. It also stated it was insurance group 1 and road tax £20.

It says it has service history .

It only had steel wheels though - to most toyota alloys fit or is it a french fitment with them being the same as the C1/107?

Basically the wife thinks our 2nd car should be a cheaper to run car, I currently do about 2000 miles per year and only generally have me in the car so it would probably be me that drives it. I currently have a diesel car which isn't the best for short journeys but a tank of fuel lasts me about 2 months! We'd looked at an Aygo before but thought they were too pricey, but this one seems cheap - is it likely to be too cheap (ie cheap for a reason?!)

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If it'll only be doing 2,000 a year I'd not bother too much about cheap to run - Aygo's used and new seem to be prone to quite a few niggling and not so niggling problems (like water ingress).

Provided the insurance isn't daft I'd get a similar aged something bigger/better, which will be just as cheap because the fuel consumption is too rich for any non-banker doing 10-12k a year. (I have a much newer Aygo and now only do about 4k a year, so thinking to upgrade it in similar fashion.)

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Thanks for the links - very interesting.

I much agree with the thoughts on running a bigger car and that it what I have done for the last few years, I've had cheap sporty cars that nobody wants due to costs. I've had a celica, a 4.6 V8 Range Rover, a 2.5 V6 Cougar etc.

I currently have a volvo s40 2.0d which came along at a bargain price I couldn't refuse. That car will probably become the family car and I need to get another car. At the moment the wife has a 7 seater. So we would sell the 7 seater - she is keen to have a car which would cost a lot less for insurance and road tax - as a proportion these are both quite expensive per mile with a bigger engined car. Probably bigger than the fuel savings - but in the end up it is all only a few hundred quid saving.

Part of my problem is actaully finding a car that we both like.

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That does look cheap, so I suspect high mileage. Our 2006 56 reg went onto the forecourt at £4,999, but it was low mileage. Things to look for are leaks in the boot area, the electrics on ours were staring to display interesting characterisitcs, possibly due to it having a leak. Get an insurance quote, it may be group 1, but the insurance on our replacement car which is group 9 was less than the Aygo.

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