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Hi all,

New to the forum having only owned a Toyota for about 6 weeks now so please bare with :)

As above, I purchased a 2003 Corolla estate 2.0 D4D (88bhp version) Although with 204,000 miles, (hence the price of £1000!) The car starts and Runs perfectly with plenty of pull behind it!

Soon after buying I changed the Oil and filter, air filter, fuel filter and Cam-belt and had the two front anti roll bar linkages replaced as they were producing a clunking over bumps.

The only problem with the car at the moment is the miles per gallon i'm managing to achieve, Urban is quoted around 39, combined around 46 i think and extra urban 59, however my car seems to achieve around 36 around town, (which is completely understandable as the quoted figures are hardly ever reproduce-able) but on the motorway, even without a load and sticking to no more than 70, the car only manages a maximum of 39-40mpg. these are all my own calculations and not relying on the on board computers poor estimates!

Reading up on forums and having blanked my egr valve on a previous 1.6 petrol astra due to the same sort of issues, i thought this could be a worthwhile job. However any other suggestions as to why my miles per gallon is so low would be a great help

Thanks in advance,


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Not the best with cars m8 but I had same problem to find out the egr valve was not working it had to be changed and the system cleaned its been OK since hope you get yours sorted :)

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Hi Dunc, Thanks all the same:) will look into the egr then, i was pretty sure it could be related to that and was just looking for some advice, rather than paying a dealer or scamming mechanic to lie about the problem:D

Cheers mate, big help, will report back!

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