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2001 Corolla Gls Vvti 1.4 Radio Help Please?

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Hi, I'm new on this forum and new to Toyota. Just bought a 2001 corolla gls vvti 1.4 with 36k, over the moon with it, like driving a new car.

I noticed earlier today that the passenger door radio speaker's are not working, both the rear Speakers on the parcel shelf and drivers door work fine. I decided to investigate so removed the passenger door trim to check the wiring and found no voltage from the speaker wires. I traced the speaker wires into the loom and through the door, into the body then disappear into the bulkhead. It looks like the radio will have to come out to access the wiring and connectors. I'd really appreciate some help to remove the factory radio which is built into the top of the dash. Thanks.

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After googling for ages I got nowhere. I decided to visit a major car accessories retailer to see if they could fit one of their aftermarket radio's cheaply. While the sales assistant was digging around for info I checked out the radio's and found one that would do. Ten minutes later the assistant called me over to check if he'd found my radio model on his PC, yep there it was. While he was scrolling pages he dwelled on this dismantling page for a moment too long, enough for me to memorise the dismantling diagram etc. £60 radio, £60 to fit. I also noticed that what appears to be the radio is only the display, the actual radio is built and combined into the casette player.

Removal is as follows. Remove the air slider knob on the heater control, take care! behind the knob is a seperate illuminating strip that slides into knob and which falls out.

Remove the 3 heater knobs by pulling them off their spindles carefully, I used pliers with cloth between the jaws.

Remove the ashtray.

The plastic heater facia is clipped in and needs to be pulled forward gently to release the clips, a bit fiddely but you'll get there.

The rest of the way becomes obvious, the casette/radio and cd player are held in by four bolts. The wiring connectors are on the casette/radio, I plugged these into the wiring harness adaptor of my radio, turned it on, works great. The radio functions will stop working on the built in factory display, suits me! hope this helps. Now I have to find a door speaker to replace a blown one.

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