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Will Not Start Help Please

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Car as been running great till last night.......

It will not start Its something electrical there is power to the car pre ignition is there but nothing else, I came to start it and the dash lights flashed like there was some type of short going on then settled down its got a start button that does both pre ignition and start once the clutch is depressed it does pre but nowt else sad.png

​This morning I came to unlock it it made a weird clicking noise then the alarm went off did not unlock now my neighbours are up ohmy.png after trying it again it unlocked but still the same as last night sad.png

​So Battery can be eliminated as everything seems OK that way all lights are working and it seems to have full power ( being tested later ).

Can't be the starter or the glow plugs we not getting that far.

​I got a mechanic coming out later but think am going to need a auto electrician sad.png

So I put in here anyone any ideas I not thought off ????????

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