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Toyota Dealers Come 3Rd In Driver Power Survey

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Today Auto Express published the dealer satisfaction part of their Driver Power Survey 2013.

The survey is more biased towards service rather than sales, and dealers were scored on the following:

Helpfulness and attitude; Standard of workmanship; Cleanliness and workmanship; Technical knowledge; Progress and cost of work

Value for money.

31 brands were surveyed, and dealer networks were given an overall rating out of 31.

Toyota Dealers came 3rd (down from 2nd in 2012).

The summary for Toyota dealers was:

"Despite another impressive performance, Toyota can't quite hold on to second spot. But while it has fallen one place this year, it's hard to find fault with the

manufacturer's dealers. Owners are happy right across the board, and the maker is especially good at keeping them informed. Your comments included "staff go

out of their way to make sure you are completely satisfied", and "they always try to arrange a service around your needs". Toyota deserves plenty of credit for its


The Top 20 rankings (out of 31) were:

1. Lexus. 2. Subaru. 3. Toyota. 4. Honda. 5. Jaguar. 6. Porsche. 7. Skoda. 8. Mitsubishi. 9. Renault. 10. Kia

11. Nissan. 12. Mercedes. 13. Volvo. 14. Mini. 15. Landrover. 16. Alfa Romeo. 17. Mazda. 18. Vauxhall. 19. Suzuki.

20. Hyundai.

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Thank god there rated on sales I know a couple of places that would make them drop like a stone.

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