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Is This A New Mot Rule ?

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I have just read on another forum that this guy took his Toyota Corolla into the MOT station and it failed because he did not have a lockable fuel cap, the lockable flap in no longer enough.

Has anyone else heard about this ? Don't Know if this is a wind up.


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Don't think so, the fuel cap MUST be unlocked so that the tester can view the cap seal, if he could not unlock the cap, then I would imagine that is a fail. The cap must seal around the neck, so if he had one of those temporary caps, that would be a fail too

Kingo :thumbsup:

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Silly question time... :blush:

So, if I have understood correctly. You must now have a locking fuel cap ?

But, it must be unlocked for the MOT tester to check it ? :dontgetit:

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My 4.3 had a recent MOT, passed, and does not have a locking cap, so maybe there is more to that item that meets the eye. As far as I know, the only requirement is that the fitted fuel cap seals, and that there is a small vent to let air in when the fuel level drops.

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I suspect Kingos is right with his suspicion that it was fitted with one of those temporary push-on caps.

Yes your right, I went back onto the forum concerned and the original poster came back to say that he did have temporary push on cap and this was why it failed and he got it muddled up about having to a cap with a lock, any cap would have done as long as it twist on and can't be pulled off.

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